This is NOT a Warner Bros. support page!


WOW, thank you all sharing your stories!!! I knew there were more and as I get through all of this and do some vetting, I will be posting it all! I cannot even wrap my head around some of these new twists but I’ll leave that up to you all to process. This gets darker and darker… Stay tuned!



Don’t let the URL fool you, read the headline — this is NOT a Warner Bros. support page!

Consider this the ultimate Warner Bros. whistleblower hub and as a “current-ish” employee, the irony is not lost on me that the most meaningful writing work I get to do these days is as a WB Whistleblower.

I have stood by and sadly, been complicit in countless WB crimes against creatives, their work, their passion, their legacy, etc; however, I can’t take another second of this, and I fully intend to share all I know right here and provide a place RIGHT HERE for anyone and everyone to share their own experiences.

I’ve watched incredible humans suffer at the hands of the Warner Bros.’ creativity killing machine but it wasn’t until I was asked to quite literally told to sabotage and destroy a decades-old legacy, and mandated to do it like being ordered by Tony Soprano that it clicked…Warner Bros. IS the fucking mafia and I work for one of the shittiest underbosses to ever call shots.

While I take direction (indirectly) from a few people, the head of the ‘family’ is David Zaslav – Rolling Stone nailed it, and his underboss is Brett Paul. While Zaslav knows exactly what he’s doing and working from a blueprint that both he and Brett Paul have fine-tuned  — stealing intellectual property, destroying it, holding it hostage while litigating with the proper owners, concurrently stripping it of any value or creative energy by bringing in what I call ‘grim reapers’ (writers/producers groomed to literally kill IP and disrupt productions) to kill its value, while selling the IP to any shit service that will buy the shell so they can harvest every penny before it is dead… then settling the IP dispute for pennies… or not! Imagine, you have legacy IP that has been revered for generations and these 2 crime bosses come in and make a bad deal that gets worse when their bank of lawyers reinterprets the ‘language’ so they literally own everything until you outspend them… Newsflash, never happening and IP creators/families are in limbo or dead.

Zaslav and Brett both strip the soul from anything they touch; however, THAT is the model! Why do I know? I am one of the grim reapers tasked with absolutely dropping every conceivable wrench in the process to make certain the IP dies a slow death, the proper owners languish and suffer, while I derail the entire production process from written word to final product. I am merely a hitman for this mob but until this week, I genuinely thought I was operating as part of the solution. It wasn’t until I started asking questions that I was told to basically, shut my mouth and be a good little soldier… or never work again.

Ok, I am going to get back to work but not the way they think! I will take this very sad and eye-opening opportunity to expose them and every dark ‘family’ secret I can get my hands on. I’ll start with the projects being destroyed by Zaslav and Paul but I know this is just scraping the underbelly. Hang on people… We are about to expose some deep cuts and if I wasn’t afraid to lose my job, and frankly, worried about my safety, I would do more, but this will do and I’m certain this little hub will open quite a few eyes… Enjoy!

Let’s start with the model of destruction that was built by Zaslav, implemented by Paul and results in hostile takeover and destruction of some of the most cherished characters, storylines, entire creative legacies, etc… While monetizing every piece of the destruction along the way! All you have to do is look at their past and current projects to see exactly how this plays out. Sure, there have been full articles devoted to their destruction of properties, but I know exactly how the Satriale’s sausage is made and here are a few titles to get you thinking. Again, I’m involved in this process, so I’ll share more color than most, but if you WERE a fan of legacy titles like Glee, Batgirl, Spider-Man, Sabrina, Riverdale, Scooby, Wile E. Coyote, Pretty Little Liars, etc., you know exactly what I’m referring to. This is an evil process, and these are evil men taking advantage of the people that serve the, along with stealing from the creators of said IP titles and fandoms that watch it happen…And can do NOTHING about it.

Let me mention that like Mr. Smithers, Zaslav and Brett are part of a horrific system designed to monetize the carcasses of slain creativity, but they know exactly what they are doing and have turned this into the ‘norm.’ For that, alone, they should be ashamed. Sadly, the murder for hires like me and other top line reapers like Mindy Kaling, Jeremy Slater, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, to name a few (more coming) etc… We are “doing a job” but the job is to kill intellectual property and ruin lives and they all know it. Side note, while there are always incidences of inappropriate use of sexuality, weaponized power dynamics, race and gender leverage, etc., which I’ll get into soon; this focus is on the pure theft and destruction of creativity and characters the culture needed!

I’ll start with the triple-death-threat… Zaslav-Paul-Sacasa… If you see that threesome, you’re already dead and I will fully layout the ways that works but know this, it has been going on for years and it is a well-oiled machine. The sad thing is that Zaslav and Paul weaponize Sacasa and at the end of the day, they will just fire him if they get exposed. Behind closed doors I have heard from the horses’ mouths how they have been planning to distance themselves from Roberto. He knows too much but we all do. Regardless, all you have to do is check these links and read leaks on Reddit to realize that his ‘techniques’ are transparent and well defined. Whether he plays games with the script or petulantly derails people that don’t play well with him, the end result is the death of the project. As we go, I’ll explain this in more detail for all those working for Zaslav and Paul, but Roberto is clearly the most sinister reaper. I have someone working with him as we speak that is sharing specifics but for the purpose of this first post… It’s no coincidence that there are more creative bodies in Roberto’s wake than any other property Warner manages… This is the Warner Bros. way and make no mistake, Roberto is a killer, but his shots are being called by Brett and David. Roberto’s reign of terror goes back years and it’s shocking people don’t do their due diligence but hopefully, this makes it easier for future victims to recognize the writing on the wall. I’m just scratching the surface but anyone close to Sacasa knows he is very open about his hatred for his “current” project but more importantly, if anyone is reading this and has a clue… Start putting together the pieces and get beneath the surface on the horrific deaths of our most beloved canines…Scooby and Wile E. Coyote… Killed by Zaslav, but not before harvesting the IP and monetizing the bones.

That’s enough for now but get ready, I already have guest contributors lined up and the floodgates are opening. Take it or leave it, but I’m not stopping and won’t stop until this is all exposed. This system favors the evil leadership, not the creatives, characters, and content we need now more than ever.

Stay tuned!


UPDATE – Makenna Productions, Inc

Well it turns out, after a little digging, that Brett Paul is an inactive officer of Makenna Productions, Inc. (previously named Berlanti Television, Inc.), an active California corporation filed on June 12, 2003 and is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. 

Why is this important?

Makenna Productions, Inc./Berlanti Television, Inc. has been involved in FIVE intellectual property and copyright cases and a personal injury case, to top it off. You can see it for yourself:

Barry Lyga v. Warner Bros. Television et al

In this pending case, plaintiff Barry Lyga is alleging Warner Bros. ripped off his novel I Hunt Killers and the result was the 2019 series called Prodigal Son. Way back in 2011, Warner Bros Television optioned I Hunt Killers before it was written then declined to renew that option in 2014.

Donat Ricketts v. Berlanti Productions, et al

In 2020, independent filmmaker Donat Ricketts sued Makenna Productions, Inc./Berlanti Television, Inc., et al for allegedly infringing on some, or all, of the ideas he pitched over the course of multiple networking events within the CBS Universe. The show in question is Warner Bros. Television’s All American.

Donnell Bledsoe v. CBS Television Network, et al

In 2008, Donnell Bledsoe sued Makenna Productions. Bledsoe alleged CBS stole his data and life story that he posted about on Facebook and created the show God Friended Me based on his experiences.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

While we’re talking lawsuits, it’s a good time to mention how “playwright” Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was sued in 2003 for blatantly ripping off Archie Comics to put on a play: Archie’s Weird Fantasy. The day before it was set to debut, Archie Comics issued a cease-and-desist order. Sacasa quickly changed the names of the characters, and it debuted several days later as Weird Comic Book Fantasy.

In addition to Archie and all of Riverdale, Sacasa has blatantly destroyed and waged war on powerful fanbases like Glee, Spiderman, Supergirl, Sabrina, but the fandom that will never forgive and will never forget, Pretty Little Liars. His path of IP theft, guided by Brett, leads only to destruction.

This shit is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be much more to come!